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The National Association of University Fisheries and Wildlife Programs (NAUFWP) was formed in 1991 from a previous group with similar membership, the Association of University Fisheries and Wildlife Program Administrators (AUFWPA). NAUFWP represents approximately 44 university programs and their 440 faculty members, scientists, and extension specialists and over 9,200 undergraduates and graduate students working to enhance the science and management of fisheries and wildlife resources. NAUFWP is a faculty developed and supported organization formed to:

  • Increase public understanding of fisheries and wildlife management and conservation issues.
  • Strengthen fisheries and wildlife education, research, extension, and international programs at the university level.
  • Advance fisheries and wildlife science and management.
NAUFWP represents member institutions in their collective dealings with government entities, natural resources organizations, commodity and industry groups, educational and scientific organizations, and the public.


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